The Retreat Line for the U13 Age Group rule is as follows:

  1. The retreat line will be 15 metres beyond the top of the penalty area and will be marked with discs on either side of the field.
  2. On goal kicks ONLY, the opposing team must position all the players behind this line.
  3. The opposition is allowed to cross over this line once the ball has been released from the goalkeeper’s


Clothing Guidelines for Cold Weather

In consideration of the unpredictable weather we are having, please see the guidelines for acceptable outerwear for players:


Toques (no brim, no zippers, no hoods -no nothing that is unsafe)


Gloves are permitted.


Long sleeve shirt or jackets can be worn under the team jersey (no hoods).


Tights and pants can be worn, but shin guards and socks are to be worn over top.


Undergarments can be any colour- although it is ideal if they are black or white or same colour as uniform.

Team Registration Check In


Friday Night Team Registration – A team official may register their team on the Friday of the tournament weekend between 4-7:30 pm.  Registration will take place on the Friday in the Ralph Farley Community Room at the Guelph Soccer Club House located at 375 College Avenue West. (look for the big white Dome) – Players are NOT required to attend team registration.


Saturday Team Registration – A team official may register their team on the Saturday of the tournament weekend at least 1- hour prior to their first game at the FOTT Tournament Headquarters located at the University of Guelph – Gryphon Soccer Complex  (look for the Red Pavilion) – Players are NOT required to attend team registration.

Tournament Headquarters will open on the Saturday at 7:00 am.


What you will need to bring with you to register your team:

  1. Books/cards for Players and Team Officials validated for the 2017 Summer Outdoor Season (those with player cards must provide a copy of their 2017 district validated Ontario Soccer roster form)
  2. A printed copy of your team’s FOTT Roster Form
  3. Your Approved Permission to Travel form from your district or association for those outside the SWRSA district (teams that have not sent an approved copy electronically please do so now)


NOTE:  Game Sheets & Roster Forms can be found on the FOTT Website under the Forms tab


Game Sheets MUST be fully completed including the date / field / time and readily available to be submitted to the designated field convener at your game field location 20 minutes before each game.


Know The Rules in advance.